I have specialised in the photography of houses, hotels, architecture etc for over 8 years. Working with national building companies I have produced images for bill boards, magazines and website advertising.

Photography of interiors is notoriously difficult due to the variation in lighting. Often an estate agent for example will stand in one corner with the camera and take an image within a few seconds. This might be satisfactory if the lighting is even (very unlikely).

Sometimes using the built in flash may help but if shooting wide angle its unlikely to evenly light the whole room.

So if you are not happy with your images you are probably going to commission an experienced real estate, architectural, house photographer, commercial photographer (what ever description they use).
Now this is where the fun starts! Who do you choose? Well probably the first factor to consider is what will it cost. I’ve seen photographers rates vary between £100 – £1000 per day. So what difference will you get if you pay for the most expensive? Sometimes a huge improvement in quality and sometimes nowhere near as much as you would expect.

What I recommend is look at their portfolio of images and see if the results are what you require. Ultimately you need to be happy with the final images.

Also you need to ask what is included in the price, will they edit imperfections such as marks on the paintwork? Can they replace grey sky with blue if the conditions on the day were poor? I work on the principal that for every 1 hour of photography onsite will usually involve 2 hours editing and post production back in the office.

So if you want quality images at a fair price please feel free to contact via email or phone.


no hidden charges

  • Travel time

  • Editing of images

  • Sky replacement

  • Paint touch up

  • Grass correction

  • Removal of unwanted objects


  • I have been photographing houses, hotels etc for over 7 years. I work for major NATIONAL developers and always provide excellent quality and deliver on time.

  • My work takes me to all corners of the UK so distance is no problem.

  • My rates are very competitive and I don’t charge for travel time.

  • Editing to enhance the final images is all Included in the price.

  • You get to use the final images for all purposes (except resale)



Not happy with Estate agent photographs of your property? Give me a call on 07792005578